Ecco store Lijnbaan | pilot store | Rotterdam | NL | fotografie: Atomis

Ecco store Lijnbaan Rotterdam

In 2014, ECCO opened this pilot store on the Lijnbaan in Rotterdam , with 103m2 of floor space. ECCO, a global leader in the field of shoe where comfort and style are combined and owes its success to design, high quality teaching and innovative technology. This is the first shop equipped with Atomis LED lighting . The company provided the shop with adjustable LED spotlights Meson square 180 Cardanic Mitron and track spotlights. The interior design was done by M2 Retail Solutions from Sweden . Meanwhile, several ECCO stores are equipped with Atomis LED lighting .

Client: Ecco EMEA
Interior design: M2 Retail Solutions
Lighting design: Atomis
Completed: 2014

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