Meson square 180 cardanic SAPP is a range of recessed LED spotlights with a high performance powered LED. The luminaire is designed for use in Interalu SAPP climate ceilings. The LED delivers a warm white light with an excellent colour rendering index. A cardanic mechanism allows easy adjustments of the spot up to 30° in all directions. The spot unit is equipped with a Jordan Alunova® reflector with spherical facets available in 17°, 24° or 40° bundle. These reflectors are finished with a vacuum metallic reflection layer which increases the optical light output ratio (LOR) >90%. A backlit illuminated opal ring around the reflector provides a decorative illumination effect. A high performance driver with an electronic power factor correction is included. The trim and spots have a finish of matt white with a matt black interior. Rapid installation is possible in the ceilings on site.

    Design: Philip Feenstra, 2015


    44.210-4 44.211-4 44.212-4 44.213-4 44.214-4 44.215-4

    44.220-4 44.221-4 44.222-4 44.223-4 44.224-4 44.225-4

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