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Meson square 180 satinized
Meson square 180 is a range of recessed high performance LED downlights containing power LEDs covered by a prismatic lens or a dual satinized diffuser. Meson delivers warm white light with an excellentcolour rendering index. The prismatic lens provides a high lumen output ratio while reducing glare. A decorative architectural appearance is provided by the dual satinized diffuser. A high performance driver with an electronic power factor correction is included. A wire-sprung spring attachment allows easy installation in false ceilings. Besides the regular colour temperatures 3000K and 4000K, tunable white, with a colour range of 2700K – 6500K, is available as well.

Meson Square 180 Tunable White
Meson square 180 Tunable white features a new and innovative way to create any colour tone from comfortable warm white of 2700K to a clear pure white of 6500K. Depending on the application the user can adjust the colour temperature of the illumination in order to stimulate the human behaviour or well-being in retail, schools, offices, health or elderly care. In retail areas – food or fashion – colour temperature can be controlled depending of the product that is illuminated, the products’ colour, the season or time of the day.

Design: Team Atomis / Philip Feenstra, 2009





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