MYOS-EKP 1200 / 1500

    An Easy-KlimaPlus® ceiling is a sustainable ceiling which is developed to efficiently heat and cool to save energy in a smart and sustainable way. The Easy- KlimaPlus® panels are fitted together without joints in between. This gives the ceiling intrinsically excellent acoustic qualities. Atomis developed a linear luminaire using the Multioptic® lens technology which can be integrated
    into the ceiling. This luminaire is available in the lengths of 1200 and 1500 millimetres. Due to the usage of a smart mounting construction this luminaire is quick and easy to install using the Easy-KlimaPlus® ceiling constructions.

    Myos luminaire family is a range of innovative recessed luminaires for several ceilings using mid power LED modules combined with Multioptic® lens technology. The optical system contains a lens array of 99 mid power LEDs behind a decorative aperture mask. Each LED is equipped with an individual secondary lens providing a superb light distribution. The Multioptic® lens technology produces exceptionally

    Myos EKP 1200

    Myos EKP 1500