Vectura-SAPP Prismatic 2500

Vectura-SAPP prismatic is a narrow luminaire to be integrated in the Interal SAPP ceiling pattern. Due to the design of this luminaire, the luminaire is easy to integrate without any adjustments of the ceiling or its structure. The long and narrow design of this luminaire can emphasise the straight lines of this ceiling concept or, the luminaire can be integrated with playfull patterns within the ceiling structure. The fixture is standard DALI dimmable an comes in various length from 1000 – 2500mm

lijntekening Sapp ultra slim prismatic Vectura-SAPP Prismatic 2500

SAPP ultra slim Prismatic 3 Vectura-SAPP Prismatic 2500
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Artikel nummers: 19.4-830O-M300x1200S-2600 19.4-830O-M300x1200S-3800 19.4-830O-M300x1200S-4800 19.4-830P-M300x1200S-2600 19.4-830P-M300x1200S-3800 19.4-830P-M300x1200S-4800 19.4-840O-M300x1200S-2700 19.4-840O-M300x1200S-4000 19.4-840O-M300x1200S-5000 19.4-840P-M300x1200S-2700 19.4-840P-M300x1200S-4000 19.4-840P-M300x1200S-5000