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ASICS | office | Hoofddorp | NL | Photography: Atomis


In March 2019 ASICS opened its new EMEA headquarters designed to reflect its ‘Sound Mind in a Sound Body’ philosophy and look after the physical and mental well-being of its employees. The new office in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands has been designed to encourage movement and reduce stress through the use of space, light and natural materials and through fitness and well-being facilities. At the heart of the ASICS atrium lies a three-dimensional showcase that displays all of ASICS’ brands and functions as a podium, meeting space and design centre.

Designed in partnership with CBRE, RED Company and Power House Company the building has achieved a LEED/WELL Gold Building Standard Certification to ensure a sustainable and healthy environment for all employees.

Specific features include:

  • Striking internal staircases to encourage physical movement
  • State-of-the-art gym facilities for use during the working day
  • Focus work spaces to aid concentration
  • Climate installations to ensure a healthy indoor environment
  • Vegetation to reduce stress and enhance air quality
  • Atrium with 1,000 glass panels to allow natural light
  • Low toxin, natural materials, including the use of 20,000 bamboo panels.

Atomis supplied Fusion SAPP linear LED luminaires integrated into Interalu climate ceilings bGrid®- controlled. The bGrid® Network consists of a wireless network of bGrid Nodes which are built in the ceiling of the Asics building. The bGrid system is multifunctional. It is constantly sensing what happens in the building (temperature, humidity, light, sound, CO2, and presence/occupancy). It also enables positioning of people and assets via Bluetooth beaconing for enabling smart functionalities such as wayfinding and colleague finding. Based on the accumulated data, bGrid allows for controlling light and climate as well. The open bGrid RESTful API allows for multiple applications to be connected to the building. The building as a smartphone.

Project leader: Dirk Jan Schaap, the Power House
Structural engineering: IMD Raadgevende Ingenieurs
Installation engineering: Deerns
Contractors: Roodenburg, Pleijsier bouw
Climate Ceilings: Interalu Nederland
Lighting control: bGrid

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