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FUSION-M 300×1500

  • Erasmus Universiteit | University | Rotterdam, NL

    Fusion M 300x1500 1200 Fusion-M 300x1500

Fusion-M is a range of LED luminaires with modular sizes for use in grid ceilings. The recessed modules are developed as an alternative for T8 and T5 fluorescent luminaires to apply in both refurbishment and new building projects. LED lighting provides advantages like excellent dimming, long lifecycle and maintenance free use. With the use of an ambient light sensor energy savings up to 85% can be achieved.

The luminaires are made of a light weight composite panel material consisting of two layers of painted aluminium skin with a thermoplastic core in between. The material has excellent thermal and fire rated values, acoustic isolation and is extremely flat. The luminaires are manufactured and assembled in the Netherlands. As a result of the unique production process custom luminaire sizes are available on demand, as well as fixtures including air extraction openings.

For the light emitting surface we offer an opal diffuser for architectural appearance (UGR<22) or a lowglare microprismatic lens (UGR<19). As a result the luminaires are highly suitable for the use in offices, schools and care centres. Design: Philip Feenstra, 2013 Atomis offers Free floating BIM model (Non-hosted) and  BIM model to be attached to a surface (“F” = Face-based). BIM files are built according to the The European MEPcontent Standard (EMCS). https://www.mepcontent.eu/emcs?language=EN-EN&cc=NL

Illustration Fusion 300x1500

Fusion G4 Fusion-M 300x1500
Fusion M 300x1200 with plenum Fusion-M 300x1500

Fixture with air extraction openings

pdf icoon e1426081431161 Fusion-M 300x1500


pdf icoon e1426081431161 Fusion-M 300x1500


pdf icoon e1426081431161 Fusion-M 300x1500


Fusion-M 300x1500


Fusion-M 300x1500


19.4-830O-M300x1500S-3200 19.4-840O-M300x1500S-3400 19.4-830O-M300x1500S-4000 19.4-840O-M300x1500S-4200 19.4-830O-M300x1500S-5200 19.4-840O-M300x1500S-5500   19.4-830P-M300x1500S-3200    19.4-840P-M300x1500S-3400   19.4-830P-M300x1500S-4000   19.4-840P-M300x1500S-4200 19.4-830P-M300x1500S-5200  19.4-840P-M300x1500S-5500

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