FUSION-S2 80×1200

Fusion-S2 is an 80mm wide LED pendant luminaire for elegant and effective task lighting for workplaces with high light levels. A steel wire suspension system allows easy adjustment of the individual luminaires. The optics of the Fusion-S2 are equipped with a micro-prismatic lens with a low surface luminance (UGR <19), which provides even and comfortable task lighting. The luminaires are therefore extremely suitable for applications in, for example, office environments, schools and healthcare institutions.

The Fusion S2 is made of steel with a matte white or matte black powder coating. The driver – switchable as standard or optionally DALI dimmable – is integrated in the luminaire. Fusion is also available in recessed and surface-mounted versions and with a track adapter for use on 3-phase track.

Fusion-S2 80×1200
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