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Marni | boutique | Mall of the Emirates | UAE | photography: Marni

Marni boutique in Mall of the Emirates

In September 2011 popular Italian brand Marni has opened a boutique in Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. The 133-square meter boutique has the same architectural details that has become synonymous with the new style of Marni units worldwide. Creative Director Consuelo Castiglioni worked closely with architecture firm Sybarite to create an clean and elegant setting, one which provides unexpected and captivating ways of presenting the Marni ready-to-wear and accessories collections. Based on a curved geometry, the specialized sections of the store are punctuated by seatings situated around display tables and overhung ceiling clouds which cast flattering light. The soft wallwashing illumination is provided by Atomis Meson adjustable LED fixtures creating warm white light with excellent colour rendering. 

Creative director: Consuelo Castiglioni
Architect: Sybarite UK Ltd.
Client: Microlights LLC Middle East




De Krinkels


Moonglow lineair 1200

Fusion-S2 80×1200

Meson round 100 downlight fresnel lens flat trim

Meson round 100 downlight fresnellens

Moonglow 100

Lightscape-S prismatic 1500


Lightscape-B prismatic

Lightscape-B Prismatic is a slim linear fi xture 30

Meson round 190 directable spot

Lightscape-K optic

Lightscape-K prismatic

Fusion-BM 184×1720 bandraster

Meson pro-C trackspot

Myos-S2 90×1710 pendant multioptic up down


De Munthof Amsterdam

Gemeente Gooise Meren


Fusion-K climate

Fusion-K is a state-of-the-art led lighting concept…

Fusion EKP 1200 / 1500

Myos-K Multioptic

Myos EKP 1200 / 1500

Meson square 180

Meson pro 190

Fusion SAPP 1200-1500

Vectura-SAPP Prismatic 2500

Vectura-SAPP optic 1200

Myos SAPP 1200-1500

Meson square 180 SAPP

Meson square 180 SAPP

Meson refit pro Elliptics

World Whisky Index

Politiebureau de Pijp

Genmab Utrecht

Meson pro colour matte metallic

Meson pro colour matte metallic

Meson pro colour matte metallic

Meson pro colour matte metallic

Meson pro colour matte metallic

Meson pro colour matte metallic

Essential D190 architectural led downlight

Essential Multioptic-M 300×1200

Essential Multioptic-M 600×600

Fusion-C 180×1200

Meson pro-HE 190

Moonglow round 290 white

Meson round 190 satinized

Moonglow round 290 black

Moonglow high output

Meson round 190 satinized

Meson Pro 190-C

Meson round 190 prismatic

Meson round 190-C satinized

Meson round 190 prismatic

Meson round 190-C prismatic

Meson square 120-C


Meson Refit pro

Meson Refit

Meson Round 190 wallwasher

Meson round 160

Meson square 120

Meson square 120 wallwasher

Meson square 120 multiple

Meson R220 Aqua LED

Meson downlight protective film

Essential Multioptic-S 90×1200

Verkade Klimaat



Fusion-M 300×1200

Fusion-M 300×1500

Fusion-M is a range of LED luminaires with modular sizes…

Fusion-B bandraster

Fusion-B is a LED luminaire for use in bandraster ceilings.…

Fusion-M 600×600 square

Fusion-M is a range of LED luminaires with modular sizes…

Fusion-MR 600×600 round

Fusion-ML 600×600 Line

Fusion-CG 600×600 square

Myos-M 300×1200 multioptic

Myos-M 600×600 Multioptic

Myos-B 100×1720 Multioptic

Fusion-Grill Ceiling Luminaire

The Pavilion

Politiebureau Burgwallen


Fusion-S1 180×1200 pendant

Myos-S1 90×1710 pendant multioptic up down


Meson pro-S

Zen LED Alu 300

Zen LED Prisma 300

Atomis luminaire suspension system

De Kampanje

Gemeentehuis Lansingerland

UMCG – Beatrixoord Haren



Vermeyden Delicatessen


Rabobank Utrecht

Schools and universities

Meson 180 multiple

Meson square 180 cardanic

Ecco Leidsestraat

Ecco Lijnbaan

Puur Water Nederland

GGD Heerhugowaard

Health care

GHZ Vredesplein Eindhoven

Provinciehuis Haarlem

Horizon College


Niftarlake College


Hyatt Place

Waldorf Astoria Hotel Amsterdam

Stadskantoor Weesp

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Dunea Scheveningen


City halls

Mitron track spotlight white

Mitron track spotlight black

Meson round 100 spotlight

Meson round 100 spotlight FT

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