For special projects where a distinctive decorative effect is desired, Meson pro is available with a matt metallic lacquered reflector available in 5 inspiring colours. The mirror optics of Meson pro partially reflects the light against the inside and creates a very decorative coloured light effect. The coloured reflector is easy to combine with a black or white cover ring of your choice. Meson pro colour matt metallic is outstanding in representative and distinct entrances, hospitality and retail projects. Colour brings the interior to life, long live the colour!

Philip Feenstra, July 2018

Meson pro Black Old gold matte metallic web Meson pro colour matte metallic
Meson pro White Yellow green matte metallic web Meson pro colour matte metallic
pdf icoon e1426081431161 Meson pro colour matte metallic


44.408-4 44.409-4 44.410-4 44.411-4 44.412-4 44.413-4 44.414-4 44.415-4

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