• Meson pro Elliptics Meson refit pro Elliptics

Meson refit pro Elliptic is an efficient recessed LED downlight suitable for the oval ceiling cut-out of the former Atomis CFL Elliptic luminaires. The usage and application of the Meson pro Elliptic refit is identical to the Meson pro 190 downlight. With the glare reducing reflector and a dual satinized diffuser this luminaire creates an excellent visual comfort. Besides that, the innovative design of the LED, light-mixing chamber, reflector and diffuser garantuee a high system efficiency. Meson pro Elliptic refit has a highly effective light output ratio and an “Unified Glare Rating” (UGR) of between 17 and 19 depending on the luminaire flux. This makes the luminaire suitable for lighting of work places, according to the EN 12464/1.

Meson Pro Elliptics Refit Specsheet lijntekeningn onder en zij aanzicht 1 Meson refit pro Elliptics

Meson pro Elliptics Refit Meson refit pro Elliptics
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Meson refit pro Elliptics


Meson refit pro Elliptics


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