Myos-M 600×600 white multioptic

Myos-M is a range of innovative recessed luminaires for lay-in suspended grid ceilings with mid power LED modules using Multioptic® lens technology. The optical system contains a lens array of 99 mid power LEDs behind a decorative aperture mask. Each LED is equipped with an individual secondary lens providing
a superb light distribution. The housing is made of steel which is finished with a matte RAL9016 structure
powder coating.

The Multioptic® lens technology produces exceptionally depth of 25 mm only to provide excellent light solutions in areas with limited installation space. Myos is the
efficient ambient lighting solution as an alternative to T5 fluorescent lighting – even in refurbishment and
renovation projects.

Daylight-dependent regulation and presencedependent light control with DALI interface enables even more efficient use of energy. A sensor combining these functions can be mounted into the luminaires.

Versions with plenum air extraction vents are available. A pattern of 18 round holes – in the same grid as the LED lenses – on both sides of the fixture allows air to be extracted from the room.

Design: Philip Feenstra 2016

Atomis offers Free floating BIM model (Non-hosted) and  BIM model to be attached to a surface (“F” = Face-based). BIM files are built according to the The European MEPcontent Standard (EMCS).

Myos-M 600x600-68%-0,2

Myos M 600x600 white multioptic Myos-M 600x600 Multioptic
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Myos-M 600x600 Multioptic


Myos-M 600x600 Multioptic


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