Myos Multiple, a modular suspension lighting system consists of pendant mounted luminaire units that can be connected to a lighting system with a straight or angular connection joiners. An easy to install plug in system interconnects each unit electrically. Straight, L-shaped and rectangular configurations can be created to fit the system in any interior space. Especially for rooms with high and concrete ceilings Myos Multiple is a highly aesthetic and ideal lighting solution. Each unit contains three LED light sources with 33 LEDs each. The Multioptic® lens technology produces exceptionally

Myos Multiple is suitable for offices, schools, training rooms, sales area’s and corridors with excellent energy efficiency in full compliance with the relevant standards. The luminaire has an integrated LEDdriver and facilitates space for an optional one hour emergency lighting unit. Combined daylight and presence detection control with DALI interface enables even more efficient use of energy. A sensor combining these functions can be mounted into the luminaires.

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