• Gezondheidcentrum Vredesplein | Health care center | Eindhoven, NL

    Zender project 1200 Zender

Zender wall mounted LED luminaire is intended for indoor architectural lighting of vertical surfaces, like walls, corridors and stairways. Light emitted from an internal mounted LED strip in the direction of the wall is first made diffuse by a dual sanitized diffuser and then reflected in upward and downward direction creating a softly illuminated wall. This diffuser is also a protective cover for the LEDs. As standard the amount of illumination is equally upwards and downwards (50/50). The robust construction and flat mounted design of Zender, makes this luminaire the ultimate choice for applications in corridors, hotels and care centres. The luminaire is maintenance free and energy efficient. Zender is made of aluminium and steel and is finished with a matt white powdercoating.

Zender wall mounted LED luminaire is available in two sizes:

• Zender 300mm
• Zender 600mm

Zender Tunable White
Zender Tunable White features a new and innovative way to create any colour tone from comfortable warm white of 2700K to a clear pure white of 6500K. Depending on the application the user can adjust the colour temperature of the illumination in order to stimulate the human behaviour or well being in retail, schools, offices, health or elderly care. In retail areas – food or fashion – colour temperature can be controlled depending of the product that is illuminated, the products’ colour, the season or time of the day.

Design: Philip Feenstra, 2013

Atomis offers Free floating BIM model (Non-hosted) and  BIM model to be attached to a surface
(“F” = Face-based). BIM files are built according to the The European MEPcontent Standard (EMCS). https://www.mepcontent.eu/emcs?language=EN-EN&cc=NL

Zender illustration

Zender 600 Zender
pdf icoon e1426081431161 Zender


pdf icoon e1426081431161 Zender






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